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Summer Heat & Your Roof

As summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to ensure your roof is ready to withstand the heat and elements. At Dave Miner Exterior Home Improvements, we understand the importance of proper roof maintenance to protect your home and investment. Here are some essential summer roof care tips to keep your roof in excellent condition throughout the season:

Summer heat beating down on New England roof.

Summer Care Tips & Tricks

Schedule a Professional Inspection:

Start the summer off right by scheduling a thorough inspection with our experienced Dave Miner EHI professionals. We’ll assess your roof’s condition, identify any potential issues, and recommend necessary repairs or maintenance to prevent costly problems down the road.

Clear Debris:

Summer storms can leave debris like leaves, branches, and dirt on your roof, which can clog gutters and lead to water damage. Regularly clear debris from your roof and gutters to ensure proper drainage and prevent water from pooling.

Check for Signs of Damage:

Check your roof for indications of wear, like absent or worn-out shingles, fissured caulking, or distorted flashing. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent leaks and prolong the lifespan of your roof. Not sure? Dave Miner is here to assist you in assessing whether your roof requires repairs or a complete replacement.

Trim Overhanging Branches:

Overhanging tree branches can rub against your roof and cause damage to shingles, especially during summer storms with strong winds. Trim back branches to prevent them from touching your roof and minimize the risk of damage.

Ensure Proper Ventilation:

Proper attic ventilation is crucial for maintaining a healthy roof and preventing summer heat buildup in your home. Check vents and attic fans to ensure they are clean and functioning correctly, allowing air to circulate freely and prevent moisture buildup.

Stay Safe in the Sun:

When performing roof maintenance tasks, such as cleaning gutters or inspecting shingles, remember to stay safe in the summer sun. Wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and schedule work during cooler hours of the day to avoid heat exhaustion.

Schedule Repairs Promptly:

If you notice any signs of roof damage or leaks, don’t wait to address them. Contact our team at Dave Miner Exterior Home Improvements to schedule prompt repairs and prevent further damage to your roof and home.


With these summer roof care tips from Dave Miner Exterior Home Improvements, you can ensure your roof remains in top shape and provides reliable protection for your home throughout the season. Remember, regular maintenance and prompt repairs are key to extending the lifespan of your roof and avoiding costly damage. Complete our online form for a complimentary estimate, or reach out to us at (413) 533-0481 to schedule an appointment and ensure your roof stays in top-notch condition this summer!

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