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Honoring 2023 Quotes in 2024: A Commitment to Integrity

In an era where price hikes seem as common as the changing seasons, it’s refreshing to encounter a business that prioritizes integrity over profit margins. At Dave Miner Exterior Home Improvements, we stand by our word and our commitments. That’s why, despite the rising costs of materials in 2024, we are proud to announce that we will continue to honor the quotes provided to our customers in 2023 until materials run out.

Take Advantage of 2023 Pricing While You Can

Our goal during Q1 & Q2 is to pass on our savings by sharing our 2023 prices with you when the market is dictating otherwise. There have been no shortage of price increases on all products across our industry but we will honor our 2023 quote prices, as long as we have the materials in-stock. We hope this will alleviate some of that financial strain for you.

Our commitment goes beyond mere words. We have the inventory to back it up. We are prepared to fulfill orders at the quoted prices until our materials run out. Whether it’s a new build, a home renovation, or any other endeavor requiring our products or services, we’ve got you covered.

So, for those who’ve received estimates but haven’t yet proceeded with their projects, we extend this courtesy of locking in the 2023 quote price, shielding you from the impact of inflation on material costs here in 2024.

Our decision to maintain 2023 prices amidst a volatile market isn’t just about business; it’s about building and nurturing relationships with our customers. We believe in transparency, fairness, and trust. By upholding our promises, we hope to foster long-lasting partnerships built on mutual respect and reliability.

At Dave Miner Exterior Home Improvements, we don’t just sell products or provide services; we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers. Our commitment to honoring 2023 quotes in 2024 until materials run out is a testament to that ethos.

If you have any inquiries or would like to take advantage of our offer, we encourage you to reach out to us through our contact form here. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing Dave Miner Exterior Home Improvements—where integrity meets excellence!

Disclaimer: Pricing only available while supplies last. Promotion may end at anytime.

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