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Keep Your Roof Protected With These 6 Tips

We all know that a roof protects us but you need to also keep your roof protected. With an investment as important as a new roof, we want to make sure you are able to extend the life of it for as long as possible. Here’s a few of our favorite tips for you!

?Trim Those Trees

Tree branches are the public enemy #1 when it comes to your roof’s longevity. High speed winds can snap branches off of trees blowing them onto and sometimes right through your roof. Keeping branches trimmed back from your home will significantly reduce the potential damage caused by storms and wind, especially here in New England where many of the trees are very old and large and disease prone.

?Clear Off Debris

Make sure your roof is clear of anything that aren’t shingles. Branches, moss and snow invite moisture buildup that will rapidly age your roof. Keeping these things off and your roof clean will take unnecessary strain off it, adding longevity to your roof. This is not a job for the feint of hear though, so we encourage extra safety precautions or hiring a professional. If you’re clearing your roof of debris yourself, we suggest doing it on a sunny, dry day to reduce the chance of slips and falls and always having another person with you as a spotter.

?Missing A Shingle? Give Us A Jingle!

If you notice any loose, cracked or missing shingles, get on top of the problem as early as possible. Your roof is a thousand little pieces all working together to keep you and your home protected; when one of those pieces is damaged or missing, the viability of the whole system is reduced. If you see any “small” issues, click HERE or give us a call before it turns into a BIG issue.

?Check That Attic!

After a storm, your attic will be the first to let you know if there is a problem. If you experience heavy rain, snow or wind, make sure to go on up and double check for post-storm leaks, cracks or any other damage. If you see something, don’t hesitate-it’s worth a call. Noticing these signs of damage early will save you big in the long run.

?Insulation, Insulation, Insulation

Your home’s insulation is not just to keep you warm, it performs quite a few jobs when it comes to temperature regulation. Did you know, it also helps regulate the temperature on your shingles? Without good insulation, your shingles can get too hot in the summer months, causing them to dry out and crack. In the winter, as snow melts, poor insulation can lead to water re-freezing around your shingles, potentially causing catastrophic damage to your roof.

?Call Dave Miner Exterior Home Improvements

We want what you want, and that is to keep your home and roof protected for years to come. Our highly skilled team at Dave Miner Roofing has been improving homes and lives in the Western Mass area for 40+ years and when you call Dave Miner… you get Dave Miner. We have spent almost half a century making sure you receive the best warranties and the highest quality products on the market. If you need a new roof or want to add natural light to your home with the coveted Velux Skylights brand, get a free estimate here!

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