Dave Miner Exterior Home Improvements

Save dollars, time and hassles.  Repainting or staining an average sized home can cost up to $6,000 every four to five years.  Siding your home will save you money since it never needs painting, caulking or patching and help make your home more energy efficient. 

We use only the best products when siding your home, including CertainTeedWolverine and Mastic vinyl and polymer siding.  CertainTeed is consistently rated #1 in brand use by building professionals and consumers.  Whether you are interested in a cedar shingle style or a more traditional style siding, you will enjoy an expanded color and style selection as well as unmatched durability and performance. 

Siding your house can help ventilate your home.  We install ventilation systems in the overhang of your roof designed to effectively and efficiently vent your attic.  This protects against damage to roofing materials, increases comfort inside your home and provides energy savings.

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